Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Video Editing and DVD Authoring for UWIC

We've spent the last 5 months on a very big job for Estyn/UWIC, which entailed editing 60 x 1hr English and Welsh language lessons.

Shot on DV by Bay TV using 2 cameras, the lessons were edited here on our Avid editing systems, using the multicamera mode. The tapes were synched together in a multicamera group, then it was a simple case of choosing which camera to look at and when, just like using a vision mixer.

The lessons were then played out to DVD for appraisal, before being further edited down to roughly 1/2 hour. Some lessons also had a 'feedback' section by the examiners to the teachers.

All 60 lessons (15 English Primary, 15 English Secondary, 15 Welsh Primary, 15 Welsh Secondary) were then authored to DVD, 3 lessons per DVD, and are to be used internally by UWIC as a teacher training resource.

All artwork, printing and duplicating was done right here too, supplying UWIC with 11 copies of 20 different DVDs.

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