Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Guide to Self Management in Cancer Rehabilitation

The last few months have been spent creating a DVD for Velindre Hospital in Cardiff, which deals with the care and treatment of all types of cancer. Sue Acreman, consultant AHP for Velindre NHS Trust cancer services, wanted to use the DVD to help promote self management after leaving hospital.

As they already had a booklet, we came up with a treatment which involved filming various scenarios with ex-patients, a voice-over and music.

DVD Menu highlighting the Practical section
We then put together an interactive DVD detailing the 8 points in their care plan.
  1. Physical
  2. Nutritional
  3. Psychological
  4. Informational
  5. Spiritual
  6. Practical
  7. Social & Relationships
  8. Financial 
The project was delivered on DVD in English and Welsh, with an additional 5 minute subtitled version for use in doctors' surgeries across Wales and eventually the UK.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the people involved, who helped make this DVD, especially the ex-patients and staff at Velindre Hospital, and the Croupiers Running Club in Penarth for donating some of their runners for use during filming. Thank you, and good luck to all of you.

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