Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Broadband TV for Wales

Today the Welsh National newspaper, The Western Mail features a story about Surf City in its business pages ...

Surf City TV has joined forces with Newport-based VIP Film Productions – the company behind Franchise News 24 - to put Wales on the map as a leading country of online development.

Vivian Mainwaring, managing director of Broadstroke Productions, said:

"The strength in Broadstroke is production. Unlike many broadband suppliers we have
experience making programmes, which will be invaluable as the service gains popularity. The content needs to be good or people won’t watch. We believe broadband TV can be a democratic force in Wales, enabling the general public to have a voice."

As these services expand throughout the UK all towns and cities could potentially have their own dedicated local broadband TV service delivering entertainment, documentaries, sport and news to various niche audiences.

For more information, please click here for the Western Mail website. To see a short video interview with Richard Williams from VIP, click here.