Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Video Editing and DVD Authoring for UWIC

We've spent the last 5 months on a very big job for Estyn/UWIC, which entailed editing 60 x 1hr English and Welsh language lessons.

Shot on DV by Bay TV using 2 cameras, the lessons were edited here on our Avid editing systems, using the multicamera mode. The tapes were synched together in a multicamera group, then it was a simple case of choosing which camera to look at and when, just like using a vision mixer.

The lessons were then played out to DVD for appraisal, before being further edited down to roughly 1/2 hour. Some lessons also had a 'feedback' section by the examiners to the teachers.

All 60 lessons (15 English Primary, 15 English Secondary, 15 Welsh Primary, 15 Welsh Secondary) were then authored to DVD, 3 lessons per DVD, and are to be used internally by UWIC as a teacher training resource.

All artwork, printing and duplicating was done right here too, supplying UWIC with 11 copies of 20 different DVDs.

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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Carew Wartime Memories 1939 - 1945

Carew Wartime Memories DVD Cover
We were asked to create a 1 hour Wartime Remembrance DVD for the Carew Cheriton Community Association & Carew Cheriton Control Tower Group.

These guys have used Heritage Lottery funding to renovate their control tower at Carew in Pembrokeshire. It now looks exactly as it did back in 1941, with all the paraphernalia that you would expect to see in a wartime airstrip control tower.

The DVD was to make a record of the memories of the people that lived in Carew during the 2nd World War. Viv took a camera down to Carew, and interviewed lots of the locals to record their version of events. Some were just kids at that time, others just visiting, but all had stories to tell, about German aeroplanes bombing the runway, the huge oil fires that required the London fire brigade to spend 5 days putting it out, the gunner who "had them in his sights" but didn't receive the order to fire and many more similar tales.

With over 24 hours of interview footage and over 300 photos, we edited a 1 hour documentary detailing the stories and events of that time. The artwork comprised the full colour DVD cover (pictured here) and 2-page booklet, together with onbody print, together with artwork for an audio CD compiled by Lawson Dando at Albany Studios in Fairwater, Cardiff.

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